Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 1 continued...

Later that evening we headed to see some princesses and a superhero!

Day 1 continued

January 11, 2015...Day 1!  Tyler sitting in our window in our cabin!

Next, after exploring our rooms, we headed right to the pools!  And of coarse started eating all the food!

After that we went to the send off party!

The kids did a little bit more exploring!

Then it was on to meet some princesses and super heros!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Getting on the ship!

January 11, 2015...
We woke up and all put on our matching Disney shirts, and loaded a shuttle bus.  The ride was about an hour to the ship.

There it is!!!

Pretty excited to get on the ship!

Our entire Carlston/Markworth=Marlstons Crew!

Getting our Disney lanyards passes!

The crew announces your family as they walk onto the ship!

Disney Cruise Adventure day 1

January 10th-First day of our adventure!  On the way into the airport!

 SLC airport.  Hayes had to have his bag opened.  Gel was the problem!

Waiting at the airport!

First airplane ride.  They are so board!  We were in the very back of the airplane.  It was so loud and the kids were not too excited about being there!

The next airplane was much better!  Movies for each seat!  I think they liked it!

We arrived in Florida about midnight!

On the subway car to catch our shuttle.

 We reached the hotel in Florida about 1am!

Then we ventured over to Denny's and ate a super late dinner at 2am!